Take the warm oil, pour some in your palms, and repeat the procedure following the body parts as in brushing – from feet up, from torso towards the neck and from wrists towards shoulders.

Give some attention to your stomach and ears as well, massage both gently.

Pay attention to the oil smell as you do the massage to help you stimulate your senses and enjoy the procedure even more.

After you finish, give the oil some time to absorb (5 to 10 minutes) before going into the shower. You can do a sitting meditation if it feels nice to you as you wait for the oils to get absorbed. 

Wash your body with water and if possible, without soap or using chemical-free hypoallergic shower gel or soap.

After the procedure, take 5 to 15 minutes to relax and tune in how your body parts feel. After you learn body scan and progressive relaxation technique in the Mindfulness II course, you can try doing one of these meditations after your Ayurvedic ritual in the evening.  

You can also do dry brushing and oiling the skin before you shower in the morning (this is the traditional way in Ayurveda).

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