A technique to spend mindfully

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A new rule that we strongly recommend you implement is simple yet extremely powerful, and it relates to your Big Financial Goal. A few days ago you did an exercise which helped you to get to the core of your desires for your financial dreams. If you were sincere in your answers, they could serve as a strong motivator for you to change the way you think about purchasing decisions.

How can you use your dream to help you? Very simple. You should write your three answers – What do I want to achieve, why do I want to achieve it and why it is important to me on two pieces of paper. One paper should have a dimension of a banknote, and another should have a width of a debit card, long enough you could wrap your cards with it. On the other side of the papers write in big letters Rob Me Inc.

Put both of the papers in your wallet, one next to cash and the other around your card. Any time you want to pay for something, the paper will serve as a reminder for you what is that you are trading off by with the purchase you are considering. Rob Me Inc. from one side will remind you what you are potentially doing to yourself. When you need additional encouragement, read the inside of the paper – what exactly you are being robbed of.

Make a quick evaluation – is the purchase justified, is it really one of the priorities to spend on (basic needs) or is it a habit or impulse? The papers will make you snap of your usual routine so that you are constantly reminded what is your long-term goal and prevent robbing Me Inc.