A Taboo we need to break

This topic is still a taboo in many countries, even those developed, nevertheless, the plague of depression hits every year with a more prominent force the societies, leaving people to themselves as they are afraid to ask for help due to stigma. What’s worse, in some cases people are even scared to admit to themselves that they may need some guidance or support as the society taught them that depression is a sort of defect and a reason for shame. If you think that you or anyone in your surrounding may suffer from depression, develop an accepting attitude. This is not a person’s fault, the unprecedented pace of change and uncertainty pushes us towards depression unless we learn to problem-solve and adapt quickly.

Personal Finance courses focus on equipping you with the skills you need to have to manage your money well as well as shows you the directing for your further learning. By knowing your money and controlling it, you can help to alleviate your depression symptoms (if you suffer from depression) or prevent you from getting one. But the basic stays the same – be accepting and loving towards yourself, no matter the struggle you are going through.

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