A moment of reflection

Think for a moment, how well are you taking care of yourself? Do you spend enough time on activities that nourish your body and mind? Your first practice in this course focuses on the inventory of things that you do throughout the day and how many of them you do for yourself. Of course, you can say that you study or work for yourself, which is valid to an extent. But what is the direct influence of this on your body and mind?

When you jump into the tornado of everything to do, you soon experience exhaustion, burnout, and breakdown. And because you rarely care enough for yourself, your longevity gets affected. You think that since there are no signs of illnesses, you are fine, and whenever the symptoms appear, you simply turn to medication. And this what is not helpful, why wait until disease develops, when you can just pay attention to yourself and ensure you get the nourishment you deserve.

Remember to check in with yourself, as you do with everything else. You are accountable for your body and to your body. No one else will take care of yourself when you do not do it in the first place.

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