Your Own solar Power

how many households in your surroundings do you see which have PV panels on their roofs? Do you know that by having more households displaying their eco-friendly attitude inspires collective action to follow these pioneers? How about you try to get your own solar solution?

Of course, installing solar panels on your roof requires still a quite significant investment and may not be feasible for other reasons – such as no access to the roof. And you don’t need to spend a lot of money to cover the whole roof with solar panels. Many budget options are starting with outdoor lamps using PV to charge during the day and give the light at night, to portable mini panels with an attached generator, which you can take for a picnic or use at home to charge phones, laptop, connect speakers and more to reduce your energy bill slightly.

However small the solution, the panel would attract attention and generate interest, especially in the areas where it’s not a common sight. Leverage this advantage and inspire others to ask you questions. You can check affordable solutions online and get your solar-powered lamp or generator from as low as $10 (outdoor lamp) and $50 (panel with generator). Alibaba could be a good place, though you should be aware of the carbon footprint caused by international shipping.

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