Welcome to your transformation!

As you may already know (psst, we will still cover it in more details), sugars are among the biggest enemies of your body. Unfortunately, they are widely present in modern diets and hide under different forms. Even if you consider your eating habits to be quite good, you may not be aware of where you are getting your sugars from. 

Throughout this program you will learn how to eliminate or majorly restrict the food sources of sugars. There are 4 sugar-out phases each containing a few lessons with underlying topics.

Each week you’ll enter a new phase, progressing to the next level in your sweet battle. Lessons will become available to you on daily basis, helping to build consistency and reduce sugars in manageable way, so that you don’t overwhelm yourself. 

You will soon discover that sugars are incredibly addictive, and may cause massive cravings! But don’t fear this fight! Every week you’ll be progressively incorporating foods that help you mitigate withdrawal symptoms. Luckily, foods that help you fight sugar cravings are all good foods and necessary components of a balanced, healthy diet! 

Let’s begin this exciting journey!

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