Taking Things for Granted

We were born in a wonderful world – so many options we have available which our predecessors could not even imagine! Now, we can fly, transport from point A to B much faster than a horse could bring us, cook and preserve food easily, read all the information in the world available just a few clicks away, and so much more! 

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Imagine how would it be to live 500 hundred years ago. Even being born 30 years earlier would make a massive difference with the rate of technological progress. And now, imagine how would a person your age, who lived 100 years ago, would react if suddenly they time-traveled to the present. How amazed would they be? And how appreciative they’d feel to experience what we do daily, and what we take for granted.

Taking things for granted reduces your appreciation and gratitude for having them. This, in turn, drives consumption, because you assign much less value to everything since it’s so accessible and so affordable! Perhaps, taking a step back and re-assessing how lucky you are to experience everything that you have access to, would make it easier to stay eco-friendly and consume less.

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