SGD 7 – Affordable and clean energy


UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy, strives to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern electricity for all by 2030. The emphasis is on renewable energy, investment in which is strongly encouraged. With the new type of energy, new infrastructure to deliver it needs to be built, which is actually a pretty good thing.

In 2017 renewable sector energy was employing 10.3 million people! That’s a lot of jobs, given that only around 20% of all the energy worldwide currently is coming from renewables. Imagine when this percentage would reach 100%, 5 times more jobs could be created! And this is only to ensure a new type of electricity to the current consumers.

Current consumers do not constitute the entire population. Around 13% of the world live without electricity. These are rural regions with poor living conditions and little economic possibilities for people. If they had access to electricity, their conditions would improve, their economies would improve, more jobs would be created, and poverty significantly reduced. 

Another indicator highlighting the need for renewable energy is 3 billion people who rely on unhealthy fuels for cooking. This causes massive pollution to the environment as well as endangers lives of people around. The most affected regions are Africa Sub-Sahara. 

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