Selected essential oils

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Essential oils have many benefits for emotional management, however, precautions should be applied if you suspect you are allergic. Avoid using essential oils neat on skin or ingesting, always use a carrier oil to dilute the oils first when you want to apply them on skin. Using aromatherapy for inhalation, you could invest in inhalation device, use oil burners or soak a cloth with the oil for the aroma to spread across the room. 

Because we are all very different, the same essential oil can cause a different effect on two people. You should experiment with the oils and note down how do you feel after using aromatherapy with your chosen oils. Only after you will learn how each of the oils individually impacts you, you can start mixing them.

In this lesson you learn the most common uses of some of the oils. Pick one (maybe you have one already handy) for the next practice. You can also download the summary of the oils in the lesson materials sections for this lesson.