SDG 13 – Climate Action


Goal 13 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals is Climate Action, encouraging bold and urgent move by all people towards protecting the environment. Even though many people may feel hopeless, that there’s nothing we can do, that’s not right. Doing anything (literally) towards reducing global warming acceleration is what will give us more time than doing nothing and waiting for the disaster to come. It will come faster from inaction.

Reducing your own carbon footprint, as well as educating (remember in a friendly and non-pushy way) communities around would be a great strategy. Moreover, if you know any children, or have your own, it is crucial to start educating them on climate change early.

Environmental Education

Check if there are any environmentally-focused programs at school and if not – request for one. There are a lot of books about climate change written for children specifically – you may want to check some of them. In the end – organize a lesson or a series of them yourself!

The power of Social Media

If you use social media, you may want to start sharing once in a while interesting and educating piece of information about climate change. As you share, think what would people in your network like the most? Would they read an article or scroll through it? How about a video – people are much more fond of it, so this could be a good strategy. Infographics are interesting, colorful and give lots of data in one glimpse.

Save electricity

Save electricity by turning off devices you do not use, switching the lights off when there’s no one in the room, using energy-efficient bulbs and where possible, solar energy. Reduce (if possible) A/C usage, or make at least the difference between the outside temperature and A/C smaller.

Be carbon-neutral

UN also encourages after reducing the emission to offset the remaining by donating. Here is their official page for this – Climate Neutral Now. You can learn more about the destination of the donations as well as potential actions for you to take. 

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