Redefining Activism

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Activism is a good word with negative connotations. It has for its goal to change our world for better, but more often than not involves violence, injuries, and even loss of lives. Should you try to be an activist? Does it make sense to risk your life with a little promise of change? When does it actually work and at the same time involves ethical ways of handling the sensitive issues? 

Z Game Changers don’t encourage any violence. Though I do cherish change and progress, especially towards making our world a better place to live and positively influencing an individual’s lifestyle. It is time to redefine traditional activism and change our tactics together with the changing world. We progressed so much with the knowledge, but so little with our behaviors. Are we really meeting the definition of Homo (man) sapiens (wise) or should we drop the wise part (which would result in a word with quite a controversial meaning in slang)?