Practice – Yogic Gazing | Trataka

You can read through the practice before you play the guided recording to know what to expect. If you listen to the exercise on your phone, put it on “Do Not Disturb”, so that no notification can interrupt your practice.

Prepare for the Trataka meditation, by choosing a dark and quiet room with no distractions. Read the instruction before proceeding to mediate (or listen to the recording in silent mode on your phone). Prepare a comfortable sitting place, either a few cushions or a chair. The candle should be on the level of your eyes. Put your phone on silent, close the curtains (ideally black-out the room) and light the candle.

Sit in front of the candle in a comfortable position. Take some time to make any adjustment is necessary so that you can stay still throughout the practice. Keep your back straight all the time to maintain a dignified posture. 

Start staring at the flame. You can keep your eyes slightly more open than usual. Maintain the focus without blinking. Breathe slowly and mindfully and stare at the flame for as long as you can. When your eyes start watering, try not to blink and allow the tears to roll down your chicks.

If you blink or get otherwise distracted, bring your attention back to the candle and continue the practice. Do your best to resist the urge to blink for as long as possible. Continue the exercise for 5 to 10 minutes (you can set a timer on the phone that you left outside or ask someone to knock on the door after the time has lapsed). 

Whenever thoughts come to your mind, acknowledge them and let them go, gently redirecting your attention back to the candle. After some time of deep concentration, you may start experiencing surreal feelings of room disappearing, do not worry, this is normal. After you are done with the practice, do not rub your eyes and avoid exposure to bright light immediately after. You wash your eyes with room-temperature water if they are itchy and lay down with your eyes closed for 5 to 10 minutes. 

Observe a cognitive afterimage – the flare appearing in front of your eyes when you close them. Notice also, how you feel after the practice. After a period of rest, you may want to write down your thoughts in your journal and the feelings you were experiencing during and after the mediation. 

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