Mindfulness Assessment


Here comes the first practice. More accurately an assignment – to assess your current level of mindfulness. You may think how something so intangible can be measured? Well, it is difficult, and various mindfulness scales help you assess your mindfulness. Though, all of the scales are self-assessment. This means that you assess the way mindfulness (or lack of it) makes you feel based on what you think.

And there is one more benefit to this assessment. It brings your attention straight to the way you live your life. You may notice things you were not aware you are doing or the ways you behave. You may notice, that often you do not notice what’s around and this will only intensify your urge to discover mindfulness with more commitment and determination. 

After you download and fill in the questionnaire, keep it handy and re-assess yourself periodically. Compare your first results to the ones after you complete this course and all subsequent courses in Mindfulness (there are 8 in total). That’s when you can see what change has happened to thanks to the mindfulness practice. 

Assess your Mindfulness level

Seeing your own progress is very motivational and should help you continue your practice after the first course is over. 

Now, download the file from the lesson materials on the top of this page and spend some time filling it out. Do not rush through the questions, take your time and give the sincerest answer. This form is for you, you are not going to share it with anyone. Keep really honest and answer how the things are for you at the moment and not how you want them to be.

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Assess your mindfulness Mindfulness Assessment Form