How Active you are?

For sure you belong to some communities – formal or less so. You have a community of friends, or even a few communities – which form based on different areas on interest. You may have your family community, religious community, professional and corporate community – which are often different circles. Your local community where you live; if you study – many communities on campus, and when you have children – a community of parents.

Do you spend enough time in these communities? Are you an active member of them? Do you voice your opinions when you have the opportunity to do so? And most importantly – do you take the initiative when there is a space for it? You probably have access to more communities than you are active in, so why not to think, how could you engage them?

Taking the initiative on a community level has many benefits. First of all, for you personally, it brings closer relations. When you are in charge of something, you will speak with more people directly, which allows you to get to know them better. Secondly, the community itself grows in strength by doing meaningful activities together. This type of actions unites people the most and harness supportive environment, which ensures psychological safety for all the members.

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