Governments are Also Communities

Renewable energy is still quite expensive. However, the law of demand and supply implies that the more we buy of something, the less it costs, because of the economies of scale. The cost of renewables will also be lessened when governments invest in R&D, something that scientists around the world advocate, contrasting how much money governments spend on defense or space travels failing to ensure that we work on technology that can save the world.

And how about municipalities? Schools? Local administrations? They can all be getting their energy from sustainable sources if people demand it. Persuading your immediate community to join you in lobbying for green energy on a local level increases demand for it. It also serves as a role model and encourages other communities to act. More demand is then created, and renewable energy companies get interested in entering the market with business opportunities, to compete. Governments also start supporting the initiative to win the votes for future elections.

Cause-based community for Gen Z

But first of all, what you need to realize or become more aware of is that governments, corporations, or schools are all managed by individuals – like you. Maybe you are actually the one who manages a company or a community – in this case, you should even pay more attention to encouraging eco-friendly attitudes and solutions. All the people in government belong to more than one community – there are political settings, but there are also social circles, and these have immense power of influence on individuals.

The importance of building supportive communities is here. You belong to one group, one member of which also belong to another group. By harnessing eco-values, we pass this attitude on and on from one community to another. Eventually, this information reaches policymakers, decisionmaker, and other influencers through the communities where they personally belong. That’s how we peacefully change the world, without violence and more losses to humanity. Without intimidation and fear.

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