Can we adapt

Nature equipped us with evolution capabilities, which helps us to adapt to the changing environmental conditions, survive, and ensure species continuation. That would be a logical guess then to expect that maybe for this global warming we can hope to enter a new level of development. Whereas answer is not definite, it most certainly is NO. The rate of change that we would enter into with the temperature increase above 1.5 degrees is beyond any living creature on this planet to keep up with evolution.

Nevertheless, we can hope that a form of man-made adaptation is possible. When for a moment, we take our minds off the disastrous outcomes and think about innovations that will only become possible due to the necessity, a glimpse of light dawns on the situation. Maybe we will be able to colonize Mars or find a way to reverse the change in climate radically and fast due to technological advancement, the cost-benefit question still creeps in.

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