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how to build strong immune to protect from covid19

I started this platform to make it possible for the young people worldwide to connect and form think-groups to work on the global matters requiring collective action. 

Global warming, inequalities, discrimination, terrorism… so many things could be erased when a few like-minded people brainstorm and with the help of community implement the ideas into action. 

However, as the situation with Coronavirus Pandemic came into being, I suddenly got a phone call from my mom from Poland (and I live in Singapore) asking if I’m okay. That’s when it started…my curiosity was suddenly sparked.

I became concerned that what I read, what I see, what I hear doesn’t seem to be the full picture. My gut feel told me something is missing. So, I started to go deeper into researching the situation.

Gen Z problems

I started to study the Coronavirus and infectious diseases in general around mid-January. Every day I was analysing data and learning relevant terminology. As a data freak, I found it easy to connect the dots. And by the end of January, I was predicting a global pandemic.

Initially, people were not taking me seriously. I’d even say some were laughing at me. But I knew my data. I kept researching. As a result, I accumulated a lot of information that I think could be relevant and helpful to many people who feel lost at the moment.

Mini-Courses | Z Game Changers

Because Coronavirus is not exactly the primary focus of this platform, I decided to make this course free. Anyways, in situations like these, any information about global health should be available without limits and for free.

If you have any idea how this course could be improved and enhanced – please let me know! You can connect with me on the platform and private message.

Natasha Syed | Z Game Changers

Natasha Syed

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