Become a Social Entrepreneur

Social Entrepreneur

10 weeks intensive free bootcamp

All you need is a desire to do good and to form new friendships.

You will familiarise yourself with possible social and environmental causes which need attention, form groups with other participants and can finish the program with your own Social Enterprise and co-founders onboard.

This is an intensive bootcamp that teach you all the basics you need. To benefit from the program, you should commit around 20 hours weekly or more.

Become a Cause Ambassador

Advancing Youth Activism

Want to step up your activism?

By becoming an Ambassador with us, you get a dedicated to your chosen cause group on the platform, mentorship from us and active promotion of your cause on our Social Media.

As an Ambassador, you become one of the faces of Z Game Changers. You actively promote your cause, grow your group, organise online (and offline when possible) activities and action and brainstorm with your supporters ways to advance the cause or resolve a social/environmental injustice.

Cause Ambassador