Cause Ambassador

Do you have a passion

About a global or local cause which is simply not addressed? Would you like to change that? Would you like your ideas to impact people’s lives in a positive way, forever? All along gaining leadership skills and guidance when you need it?

Then, this Ambassador Program is right for you!

Build you

build you tribe

We give you a dedicated for your cause virtual group where you can invite people and build your own movement online

Expand your

A Game Changers - leadership skills for Gen Z

Access to our free courses on environment and share your knowledge with others to spark more positive change

for goals

Connect with other Cause Ambassadors to share best practices and brainstorm ideas to keep your supporters engaged

What really counts is your

3 easy steps to get started

Choose your focus

Which broad topic interests you: gender equality, education reform, animal rights, plastic pollution, global warming (or any other not mentioned)

Define problem statement

Go a bit deeper into specifics – choosing a location or a defined group for whom you’d like to resolve the problem. For example – a local community 

Share this with us

Register on our platform, follow us on Instagram and DM us what cause you’d like to support so that we can set-up a group for you and enrol you into the program 

Not sure where to start?

Have a look at our Think-Tanks, take our free courses and connect with our team for guidance and help in defining your cause.

Do your research – what current issues does our world face? Which ones are close to your heart?

Ask around – you don’t need to start big. Warm up with helping your local community. Identify what problems are in stake, organise a group of peers from your neighbourhood and use Z Game Changers help to make change happen!

The biggest step is the first one. Once you are in the program, we’ll help you to keep growing and each day becoming more and more skilled.

Let’s change Z Game together!

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