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The planet you live in is dying, but you can change this

Become an Environmental Activist with this Sustainability Program.

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more than knowledge

For a price of just a couple of coffees a month, you get transformational knowledge to produce a meaningful impact as a young leader. We use money to maintain this community and cover the cost associated with running the platform, but to intensify your impact, we also donate 50% of profits to charitable goals on your behalf. 

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Benefits you get with your Program Membership

Grow your knowledge and become an eco-leader


8 courses

Understand Environmental Science, Environmental Psychology and discover personal actions to slow down global warming.

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private Community

Discuss your thoughts and ideas with other members of the program. Form new friendships and come up with collective actions.



Participate in a quest to save the planet. Each course is a mission. Collect 9 badges as you progress through the program and become an Environmental Activist.

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