Synthetic Biology and Engineered Bacteria for Plastic Degradation

In this webinar conducted by Veni Dole and Puloma Bishnu, Spellman HVE Clean Tech Competition finalists, you will learn about Synthetic Biology and how these two rising high school seniors from Andover, Massachusetts, USA designed a solution for plastic pollution.

  • Discover the solution to plastic pollution with engineered bacteria
  • Understand how the process works
  • Get to know (and hopefully change your mind about) GMO
  • Understand synthetic biology with the game Veni and Puloma designed. You can download the game below
  • Learn how to start your own synthetic biology journey and how to receive mentorship and support

About the

Hello! We are Veni Dole and Puloma Bishnu, rising high school seniors from Andover, Massachusetts, USA. We have spent the last year and a half developing our research project on utilizing enzymes for plastic degradation. 
With the goal of reducing plastic pollution in our oceans, we have designed a plastic water bottle that incorporates engineered bacteria to degrade the bottle when it inevitably reaches our oceans. 
We have published our work in the BioTreks synthetic biology journal, and have another upcoming publication in the fall.
We are passionate about climate action as well as promoting synthetic biology education, and love meeting new people!
Synthetic Biology

Pocket Plasmids

Synthetic Biology game by Veni and Puloma!

Get in touch and learn more about Synthetic Biology

How to play the game

Veni & Puloma’s email was sent to the webinar participants. If you’d like to reach out to them, contact Z Game Changers on Instagram or through this platform. 

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