Modern Strategies for eliminating Extreme Poverty

In this exclusive webinar and a workshop Danielle gives you a sneak-peak into her recent book “Uplift and Empower”. The webinar is based on 5 out of 16 chapters and is packed with eye-opening information about poverty, analysis of the current strategies to fight it and the insights why these don’t always work as we expect them to.

Get empowered to change this!

“Money does not have to be the beginning and end of your engagement with poverty alleviation.
Your time, your knowledge, and your skills are valuable too.”

About Danielle

Danielle Hawa Tarigha is a passionate leader in the economics and public policy space looking to grapple with one of the world’s oldest and most widespread issues: poverty. She studied economics at the University of Chicago but has expanded her reach into the fields of investment banking, public policy, information technology, and asset management on her mission to tackling extreme poverty.

Throughout her work, she has received such honorable distinctions as the first undergraduate Rising Star award in the Trott Business Program and her status as a Kimpton Fellow. When she is not addressing extreme poverty, you may find her updating her fun fashion-focused Instagram account.

Uplift and Empower

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part 1
Understand the background

Webinar packed with information you didn’t know about poverty, analysis of the current situation and why existing solution don’t work. 

  1. Presentation Overview
  2. Author Bio
  3. Motivation Behind Writing Uplift and Empower
  1. Relative Poverty vs. Absolute Poverty vs. Extreme Poverty

  2. Why can’t we just give people living in poverty more money?

  3. Why can’t all forms of poverty ever be completely eradicated?

  1. Background on why the new standard was developed

  2. Percentages for each group

  3. “The Middle” instead of “developed” vs. “developing”

  4. Robins, Drews, Taylors, and Camerons

  1. Sympathetic Giving

  2. Expectant Giving

  3. Paternalism vs. Partnership

  4. The Four How Questions of Meaningful Engagement

part 2
Solutions and your impact

A workshop with Danielle to empower you with better choices, case study, community-based solutions and next steps for you.

  1. Historical Context

  2. Five Core Tenants of China’s Plan

  3. Challenges of the Program

  4. Cultural/Political Factors at Play

  5. Lesson: “Precise and impactful change starts with an open mind, a caring heart, and a listening ear.” – Chapter 10, Case Study: China

  1. Community-based development addresses some of the challenges of implementing expectant giving at larger scales.

  2. Introducing an approach that is centered on the needs of the world’s Robins rather than the world’s money.

  1. “This is not a book about helping you eradicate extreme poverty. Rather than seeking to ‘save the poor’, we should seek out opportunities to help people living in extreme poverty save themselves.” – Chapter 3, What is Poverty?
  2. Local knowledge vs. international travel/volunteering
  3. Check your privilege

What comes next is up to you. How can you Uplift and Empower someone today?