Be the Hero in the Sinking World

This course is all about oceans, water pollution, life under water and other ways H2O interplays in the environment. The course contains some guidelines on environmental activism, managing eco-anxiety and dives into some of the Sustainable Development Goals. This is the third course in the Environment series.

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Third course in Sustainability Program re-introduces you to Water Systems and makes you understand the severity of the situation we are currently in with regards to Global Warming.

You will get systematic knowledge necessary to understand how water wolrd on our planet is structured and to help you devise the most appropriate solutions you can implement as a young leader.

If you are looking for ideas to become more active in environmental activism and to personally contribute to saving the sinking world, this course will give you a head start! 

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Warming Oceans
Acidification and Corals
Plastic Oceans
The Sinking World
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