Managing stress with Mindfulness

Everyone experience stress, but guess what, it is not the external pressure that stress puts on you that makes you suffer. It's your very own reaction to it. Stress management doesn't mean stress elimination. There are circumstances out of your control that can affect you, and you will never be able to avoid all of them. But you can learn how to manage your reaction which, in itself, is the very essence of not letting the stress damage you. How? You will learn in this course.

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Stress is a persistent phenomena of the current age. It is looking at us from every angle – too many commitments, social pressure, high expectations, requirements from parents, teachers, employers, and of course the need to stay in the loop for all the global and local events. How to cope with this?

In this course you dissect stress and understand the mechanisms behind it. How it arises, how does it manifest and why simply ignoring it won’t work in the best way for you. You will understand how damaging the effects of unmanaged stress can be as well as get a chance to measure your personal stress level with a bespoke self-assessment questionnaire. The same questionnaire will serve you as a benchmark to monitor your progress in stress management by the time you complete full Mindfulness program (this and the next 3 courses). 

After this course you will understand that not all stress is bad and some is, in fact, needed. You’ll learn to distinguish good stress from bad stress and minimise the influence of the latter on your life. You will also learn new relaxation practices and progress in your Pranayama level further calm you down and bring more harmony into your life.


The course contains a series of recorded guided practices to help you ease into the stress management techniques offered by Mindfulness 

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