Rethinking Health in Changing Climate

If you think about Climate Change as indication of planet getting sick, you may compare it to human health. And this one is invariably linked to the Environment and two ways - it is influenced by it as well as we, humans, influence planet's health with our health-related activities. In this course you'll learn how your Physical, Mental and Social health are affected by changing climate, how we pollute planet by simply medicating and most importantly - what to do to improve all of this!

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This course pierces into the topic of health – how our health is affected by changing climate and how our medical choices work negatively for the environment. 

Health should be a top priority for any young adult, especially in times of anxiety and stress prevalence. 

After this course not only will you be able to manage your health better, but also to advise to your loved ones how to take a better care of themselves. All of this while reducing negative impact on the environment which our lifestyle and medical choices produce.

Learning Outcomes

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Sun, climate and health
Mental Health
Medical pollution
Physical Health
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