Control your breath to control your life – Pranayama

Breathing is so important that Buddhist monks count their lives not in the number of years, but in the number of breaths they take. By slowing down the breathing, it is believed you extend your life because the same number of breaths will take you more time when they are longer. Want to learn breathing techniques that can help you achieve longevity and calmer mind? This course will help you to do so!

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Breathing is semi-autonomous process, which means you don’t need to consciously control it. But there are multiple benefits you can reap when you learn how to actually notice and start controlling your breath.

Breathing is an indication of many internal processes. When you get scared, your body becomes stressed, heart rate accelerates and so does your breathing. It is in these moments when techniques you’ll learn in this course can help you to calm down and regain control over your emotions.

By practicing regularly, Pranayama, an ancient art of breathing, can significantly improve your mental and physical health. With time, your breathing will naturally slow down, allowing you to recover better when you sleep (and in shorter time) as well as improve your longevity. Yes, average breathing rate is inversely correlated with the number of years you’ll live, so slower breathing (unless it’s a medical condition) means a longer (and more peaceful) life.


The course contains a series of recorded guided practices to help you progress through breath control practices and applied mindfulness:

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