Fighting for Social Justice in Changing Climate

This course gives you an outlook into the current Social Justice issues and ideas how you, as a young leader, can impact the things in a positive way, but also which produces tangible results. The approach in this course is rooted in the view of environmental sustainability, personal development and community building, so that the changes you implement can cause ripple effect and accelerate mindset shift in a society on a bigger scale.

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Many young people feel extremely affected by the lack of Social Justice in modern world. But do you really know why things are the way they are? To change it, you should first understand the underlying processed that form prejudices and harmful beliefs with regards to different social classes, nationalities, and gender.

This course strives to equip you with the tools any aspiring young leader should have – skills of the future and knowledge of the facts. Changing the world starts with changing yourself! 


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Minorities and Discrimination
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