Coronavirus COVID-19 living through pandemic

COVID-19: Living through the Coronavirus Pandemic

A comprehensive review of what COVID-19 is, how dangerous it could be, how to protect yourself and what to do if you catch the coronavirus. The course is abundant in practical tips to build strong immunity for fighting the novel disease. >>>Join the course discussion group to build a strong and supportive online community. <<<

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16 Lessons
This course has an assigned discussion group to connect and support each other globally as well as share the ideas on how to combat the pandemic together.
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The course is divided into 4 main parts to familiarize you with the current hot topic of COVID-19 pandemic inside-out.

undertand the world of microbes and how viruses infect people

Part I – Microbiology

Understand the world of microbes and get a glimpse of virology, the study of viruses origin, genetics and taxonomy.

After completing this part you will understand better coronaviruses and their zoonotic nature, as well as the ways to control the spread of the diseases which they cause.

how coronavirus infects, how covid19 started

Part II – Epidemiology

Discover how scientists estimate the virus pandemic potential, and get a glimpse of the vital terminology to understand better the threat the virus may cause.

Here we get into the discussion on how Novel Coronavirus can be transmitted, how its development in the body takes place after the exposure, and what are the ways to look at the death ratio data.

coronavirus asymptomatic cases

Part III – Living through the Pandemic

After you get your basics right, we dive into the practical part. What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

What does coronavirus do to your body?

How can you protect yourself and your family from the virus?

And what should you do if you catch the virus.

how to build strong immune to protect from covid19

Part IV – Building Stronger Immunity

The final part is rich with advice you can implement immediately to start improving your immune strength.

What should you eat?

What changes in lifestyle should you make?

How not to let the stress take you over in this new global situation?