Saving Mother Earth – the basics

Saving the Earth starts with understanding what is exactly happening to the Environment, what is the reason behind Global Warming and how you can personally impact this. This course will equip you with the knowledge to educate others and gives you insights into what international efforts took place so far and why most of them failed. This course is for a young change maker who wants to take action and the first steps in saving our Mother Earth.

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First mini-course in the Sustainability Program gives you strong basics of the Climate Change, processes that accelerate Global Warming and the importance of Communities in taking Environmental Action. 

On top of understanding better what’s happening in the world, you’ll learn some simple actions which you can personally apply to your daily life to bring about change to this world.

Perfect for beginners and those who want to organise the basic Climate Change knowledge as well as get some ideas on how to act on a personal and international levels.

Learning outcomes:

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