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In this continuation of Mindfulness Program, you are to reconnect with your body. The course has 3 guided practices and helps you to listen better to the voice of your body. You also get introduced to selected relaxation techniques. The course is a step towards preparing your body for a seated meditation in the forth course by developing stillness and making you feel comfortable with it.

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Your body is your temple, but do you really treat it as such? How many times have you engaged in purposeful self-care routine, giving your full attention to your body parts? And do you take proper care of yourself allowing your body to recover from the stress and all the hard work it does for you all day long?

In this course you will gain a fresher perspective on your body, develop body awareness and learn relaxation techniques to help you restore better and manage your stress.

We also briefly cover yoga in here, its benefits and different practices as well as the mindset. 


The course contains a series of recorded guided practices to help you merge into relaxation techniques and develop a better body awareness:

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