Introduction to Mindfulness: Awaken your senses

This is an introductory course to Mindfulness. Before jumping heads on to the seated meditation practice in the following courses, here you can simply learn to practice stillness and improve your focus and attention. Awakening your senses is a fun and easy way to begin your journey. You'll find here a proper explanation how each practice came into life and how it can improve your life quality. Whereas the guided practices will further accelerate your experience and help you implement the knowledge faster.

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First course in our Mindfulness Program slowly guides you into reconnecting with your senses – your “controls” for communication with external world. Because of ever-increasing amount of information around, we grew to be extremely disconnected with ourselves, all due to sensory overload.

Awakening your senses is the first step in your journey to Mindfulness, which allows you to start gradually improving your focus, attention and self-love, eventually resulting in improved life quality and satisfaction.

This course introduces you to the topics of Ayurveda – an ancient Indian philosophy now gaining on popularity in the West for its healing properties. You’ll also get a “taste” of Aromatherapy and learn how Mindfulness is used in Psychology. As it is the first course in the program, you get to measure your current Mindfulness level, to give you an indication of your progress by the time you finish the program. 

Mindfulness doesn’t need to be difficult to implement, and this course proves you just that!


The course contains a series of recorded guided practices to get you started with Mindfulness, Sensory Awareness, Self-Care routines and Ayurveda – an ancient healing philosophy seeing a massive revival. 

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