Career Shift – how to choose your new path

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Are you considering a career shift, but are worried that you will make a wrong choice?

Do you know exactly what your dream career looks like?

Instead of thinking about who you want to be, understand what you want to do. A lot of the jobs that exist now will soon be obsolete, or at best – greatly changed. If you dream about being an accountant, in just a few years you may find yourself out of work, when distributed ledgers built on blockchain technology will eliminate the demand for this profession completely. But if you know that you like working with numbers and business acumen, you already have a wider range of job opportunities in the future – including professions that will only arise in 5 years from now or later. Knowing what you want to do – you will be prepared for them with a range of necessary skills.

In this course you will experience a great deal of introspection, consequently transforming it into aperception. This means that this course, being theoretical, will help you create very tangible and practical guidelines for your career choice. Moreover, this choice will be grounded in the core values and life goals and adjusted to your preferences, regardless of how job market will evolve. Make choices that feel right and understand how to stay relevant in the future of work, simultaneously increasing your readiness for future changes.

Course Access

The access to this course expires 30 days after enrolment. If you wish to revise the material, you can restart the course after its expiration. To enrol, simply register for free on the platform, and click “start course”.

With barely 15-30 minutes a day, you will be able to complete the whole material in a couple of weeks.

This course is designed to improve your life

  • You will build your identity for success on the way to your dream career.
  • You will identify the traits you should work on to achieve your dream career and develop a plan for it.
  • You will understand what drives you and how to use it to make a perfect career choice for you.
  • You will learn what all this has to do with industries and occupations when planning a career.
  • You will discover a formula helping you translate your aspiration into role and industry choice.

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