5 Ways to Save the Oceans

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Learn more about main threats the Oceans face:

  • Rising surface temperatures
  • Rising Sea Levels
  • Acidification

5 Ways you can help to save the Oceans:

  • Non-toxic detergents
  • Food Waste
  • Adopt a Coral
  • Choose your Leaders
  • Responsible fish consumption

Want to about Oceans and Global Warming?​

Take this course from the Environment series – Water and Life. 

This course is all about oceans, water pollution, life under water and other ways H2O interplays in the environment. The course contains some guidelines on environmental activism, managing eco-anxiety and dives into some of the Sustainable Development Goals. This is the third course in the Environment series.

Water & Life

Crash course from Environment series

Course Content

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Warming Oceans
Acidification and Corals
Plastic Oceans
The Sinking World
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